7 Days of Defense: Attack is the Best Form of Defense

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7 Days of Defense: Attack is the Best Form of Defense

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The best form of defense is attack. When we slack, we give the enemy room to strike. I hereby declare 7 days of ‪#‎attack‬‪#‎pursue‬‪#‎overtake‬ and ‪#‎divide‬ the spoil. For 7 days (in the power of the Holy Ghost), attack the enemy concerning any particular area of interest. Join me, let’s divide the spoil together!! It is by grace. See above for a playlist of all the videos.


Attacking the area of “demonic deposits/tares” in dream state. Prayer-video https://youtu.be/sH0W45PBGuk


Removing contaminations/corruption in ones Anointing. Prayer-video https://www.youtube.com/embed/5X716Nw4NXI


‪#‎Deliverance‬ from ‪#‎Religious‬spirits/Religiosity. Prayer-video: https://youtu.be/KenY4eKKEIk


‪#‎Exercise‬ ‪#‎Authority‬ over the air space/waves/ prince of the air (Eph 2:2). Most attack on the mind, emotions & feeling is achieved through the airwaves. It’s time to break free!! Prayer Video.


‪#‎Prayer‬ Against satan, the devil. Resist the devil & he will flee from you (James 4:7. Prayer-video: https://youtu.be/_Hc5gHzgVJU


Gain/Mark Your Territory (+Against Territorial Spirits). Prayer video: https://youtu.be/uC-75Nxn6rA  


‪#‎Prayer‬ against fear, the devil. Resist the devil & he will flee from you (James 4:7. Prayer-video: https://youtu.be/_Hc5gHzgVJU

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  1. Rohan

    September 30, 2015

    Thank you very much! I will start this on Monday!

  2. K. Dionne

    January 31, 2016

    Why am I just seeing this! 🙁 I will engage this as of Monday!

  3. Tina Thomas

    March 7, 2016

    I listen to your prayers every night and in the mornings, they have really been a blessing to me. I am seeking the Lord out on a lot of things that I did not know. Now that I have been watching your videos and listening to the prayers I am understanding a lot now. Please pray for me and my strength in the Lord, my children, and my grand daughter who is 2weeks old in the hospital. Thanks great woman of God.

    • DBlessing AgapEkind

      March 29, 2016