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8 Edges of Woman

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A Woman’s value is priceless, how much more when she knows her worth… not just in men’s eyes but in the eyes of God.


The next time you go into your prayer closet, consider this:

  1. The Woman gives birth naturally (not men) & spiritually in prayer (Rev. 12:4). The agony, pain & stress in natural labor helps explain spiritual Labor. Never give up, PUSH!!
  2. The Woman’s tears speak volume to God (Jeremiah 9:17) that God asks for them to come and make requests
  3. The Women are the mid-wives who help other women deliver both  spiritually & physically (Ex. 1:15)
  4. The Woman is the very first helper (Genesis 2:18). God started the helps ministry with her.
  5. The Woman is like a backbone to her husband (Gen. 1:28)
  6. The Woman’s seed will bruise the head of the serpent (Gen. 3:15) & the enmity between her & the devil can never be restored.
  7. The devil is strongly after the woman (Rev 4) to destroy her, hence she may experience more, sometimes severe, spiritual attacks; howbeit, by the word of her mouth (seed) she shall bruise the head of the serpent.
  8. Notwithstanding, Women receive their dead raised back to life (Heb. 11:35)

WOMAN, the next time you pray, pray with CONFIDENCE*. Align yourself and know that all of heaven can hear you!! WOMAN is a strong spiritual warrior. As long as she knows her worth, she can help any MAN DELIVER.


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