Awesome Deals: Shoe Trip and Savings!!


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Awesome Deals: Shoe Trip and Savings!!

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I have had a pair of black suede shoes for some time now but only discovered a few days ago that it was time to change it. It was absolutely worn out, with holes in the soles.
Well, I made it to a few stores today hoping to find a simple shoe that would replace that one and ended up buying three. Wait, I didn’t really go over budget much. I often shop for shoes once every  6 month or twice a year. So when I made large purchases, it is considered an investment because I don’t shop again for those items for another 6 months or more.
Today, I think I got some really cool deals!! 3 pairs of shoes for 19.99 + 14.95 + 9.99 = $44.93. You can’t beat that !! 🙂 I saved a total of $35 – almost half of what I paid for 3 pairs of shoes!! 🙂
My favorite color of the three shoes…
Favorite one of the three is the yellow heels, which has more to do with the color. However, comfort is key. I like to always feel comfortable in whatever I am wearing; so for me, flats are always best when it comes to comfort.
Do you think I got good deals on these, could you have gotten something better? Let me hear your thoughts!!

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