Divine Interruptions of Divine Opportunities

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Divine Interruptions of Divine Opportunities

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What are divine interruptions: I personally define them as those little breaks in our daily lives God uses to call our attention to growth in all spheres of our lives.

When, you mistakenly lock yourself out of your house,your car,or times you were running late but have accidentally spilled stuff on you to cause a stain. If you have children, potty call just as you are about leaving home for that appointment you are already running late for while you were trying to get them dressed, and they believe they old enough to decide their fashion sense. You get the picture now I believe.

At these instances, I am beginning to learn to take a deep breath, pause and listen to the Holy Spirit, (was not easy initially)  can I convert it into an opportunity?  What is He interrupting? I ask myself, an irrational decision? Or teaching me patience and tolerance, maybe to be more understanding? Or is it to do with my time management and effectiveness?  I now know that if l listen, I will hear Him instruct, why?because

Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men. 1 Corinthians 1:25 KJV

Think about this, you are in your place of business, two men appear,chitchatting,they are doing not any business with just wanting to find information about your state or nation,personally, I would educate them on my business ethics, and explain to them about how this is not any politics or political headquarters or branch office ( depending on my mood on the day)

Rahab was able to identify her divine interruption as a divine opportunity, she took it, ran with it and changed the of her life and generations to come.

And Joshua the son of Nun sent out of Shittim two men to spy secretly, saying, Go view the land, even Jericho. And they went, and came into an harlot’s house, named Rahab, and lodged there. And the woman took the two men, and hid them, and said thus, There came men unto me, but I wist not whence they were: But she had brought them up to the roof of the house, and hid them with the stalks of flax, which she had laid in order upon the roof. And she said unto the men, I know that the Lord hath given you the land, and that your terror is fallen upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land faint because of you. For we have heard how the Lord dried up the water of the Red sea for you, when ye came out of Egypt; and what ye did unto the two kings of the Amorites, that were on the other side Jordan, Sihon and Og, whom ye utterly destroyed. And as soon as we had heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any man, because of you: for the Lord your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath. Now therefore, I pray you, swear unto me by the Lord , since I have shewed you kindness, that ye will also shew kindness unto my father’s house, and give me a true token: And that ye will save alive my father, and my mother, and my brethren, and my sisters, and all that they have, and deliver our lives from death. Joshua 2:1‭, ‬4‭-‬4‭, ‬6‭, ‬9‭-‬13 KJV

What opportunities are your interruptions presenting? Will you grab them with both hands?


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