Making The Lord An Office

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Making The Lord An Office

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The Lord said to me on 8/24/2013. He said “Make me an office”. Well, the only thing I was familiar with was making the Lord a house; so I began to ponder on those words and wondered what He meant. Well first, I had to really understand the meaning of an office and the dimensions it could possible come in. According the, I found the following definitions and within the definitions I made notes:


A room or set of rooms in which business, professional duties, clerical work, etc, are carried outIn this instance, I can create a room or make a room for the Lord to always be in and speak to me and only in that room His manifested presence will be greater than other places in my house. It would be a place where I worship Him and ask Him to make it Holy for His work.


the group of persons working in an office: it was a happy office until she cameIn this case, it could mean a group of people that I talk to about certain things that concern or could possibly be connected with God telling me what to do about that situation


a position of trust, responsibility, or duty, esp in a government or organization: the office of president ; to seek office In this case, I could put God in the very first position of my life and give Him everything that belongs to me or supposedly does, and ask Him to take absolutely control because I trust Him and I give Him office over my life. I could make Him the administrator of my life that handles of everything in my life, where I don’t do anything except I hear from Him. But when I apply this to the words He gave me, it still doesn’t add up to me so I will continue with more definitions.


( often plural ) an action performed for another, usually a beneficial action: through his good offices Here I could give Him charge and ask Him to do everything for me, which should be the case with anyone who professes Jesus as their helper, their confidant, their right arm.


“a place where tickets, information can be obtained: a ticket office”In this case I could say that if He is my office then I always get permission from Him to do anything by obtaining a ticket to do that which I want to do.

6. Office is also short for “divine office”. the canonical prayers (in the Roman Catholic Church those of the breviary) recited daily by priests, those in religious orders OR in various Christian churches, the public service of praise and worship consisting of psalms, hymns, prayers, readings from the Fathers of the early church, and other writings. Recurring at various times during the day and night, it is intended to sanctify the life of the Christian community.

-In the above, it is clear that there are repetitive prayers or words that can be recited daily and at certain times. Could this be what the Lord was talking about?

In all, I consider the following to come to a conclusion as to making an office for the Lord: “Make me an office” implies setting a boundary for the Lord to operate in. In other words, letting Him do whatever He chooses and wants to do in my life but with an understanding of that. Not letting what people say or do influence my decisions but what He says to me and wants me to do. When I make Him an office, I create room for Him to come in and speak to me at will and prevent my self-will from imposing on what He really wants me to do. It is imperative that I always refer to Him and consider what He wants me to do and not what others want me to do. No one should cross the boundary that I have established with God. Without ignoring the last definition, I would combine both in that I will then say “Reciting at least one verse and certain verses a day (at night and in the morning when I wake up) as well as having that awareness of his office in my life, that place I have given Him, which is to allow Him do the work He wants to do in my life.

I hope you are able to learn from this and possibly also make an office for the Lord in your life!

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