Question AND Answer: Women & Head Covering

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Question AND Answer: Women & Head Covering

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As mentioned earlier, this is only a speck of the whole truth, there is more to it than meet the eye (See intro video:

QUESTION: Isn’t this to do with women hiding beauty from fallen angels? Paul talks about women who should cover their heads as a symbol of authority so that the Angles shall no longer be seduced or tempted as told in Genesis?

That context cannot be applied in this case because the reason for the covering is to have “power of authority” or “power on her head”… So it is simply out of context to associate seduction to “power of authority”. Seduction is not related to the matter in question at all.

QUESTION: Isn’t the covering Paul spoke of to do with her hair, which is her glory?

Nature’s covering (long hair) is an example used by Paul to explain what Paul was trying to say. The fact of the matter is, there is neither male nor female in the spirit. There is man, whom God gave authority, so to say that Paul was referring to long  as the covering doesn’t make sense. God is a Spirit, hence the “power of authority” spoken of here is a physical action that speaks in the spirit. If we are to live in the spirit and walk in the spirit then there is a reason why He asks us to apply a physical symbol of authority or power on her head. Even Paul said he never spoke against the customs of our Fathers (Acts 28:17), so he couldn’t have spoken contrary to the law. Note: from above, Turbans wrap around the head and still left the top of the head exposed.

QUESTION: Not all should cover their head because… in the Bible, a female up to the age of accountability or responsibility does not make a woman if she is not under a husband. It is not the age of the female, it is being under authority of a husband or a father.

God did not make “girl” with the rib He took from man, He didn’t make “lady”, He made woman… In the spiritual sense, which is the crux of this topic, “woman is woman, married or not”… as long as she is up to accountability or responsibility.

In the spirit, there ‘re neither male nor female, there is only one made “man” (in man is male & female). Clearly the focus here is to do with the flesh. Male and female where in man and the rib He took to make eve was taken from man that was formed out of the dust–possessing X & Y (male & female) Chromosomes. It’s the same for unmarried men who cannot walk into the house of God with a cap on their head, it’s a shame. Why? Because he’s now accountable, even in the spirit. He’s not a child, he can be told what the truth is & then you can leave him to decide whether to comply or not. So the focus is not on companionship in the flesh, but everything to do with the spiritual. spirit answers to spirit.

We can’t say that until a woman is married, she shouldn’t cover her head. If we go by that, which is to do with the flesh, then you are saying it is absolutely okay to disobey God because she is not married yet? Esp. when it is revealed to her /when the Lord tells her to? I ‘ve read the bible alright & I know in most cases (not all), it describes a woman as a wife or vice versa…YET IN THE FLESH.

Please know that I am not speaking for myself because I don’t need to, I am only presenting the facts concerning this matter. Some men are born this way: to not ‘ve a a wife (Matthew 19:12) & that does not make them incomplete. They are very much complete. This means, not everyone will ‘ve a wife and not every woman a husband…but a man is still a man and a woman a woman, whether they ‘ve a spouse or not.

Hence (wisdom demands), a man does not have to be a husband to be a man neither a woman a wife to be a woman.

QUESTION: Should I wear @ all times or just in prayer?

The scriptures say when you “pray or prophecy”…& I think it is also a matter of preference. For e.g, I can wear a scarf all day, esp. if it’s tied, because I don’t have time to untie it after prayer and comb out the hair, etc. But if I just use it as a veil in church, then of course, I can remove it after prayer, etc. However,  people who will wear it most of the time are people who define prophecy as “everything coming out of their mouth” right ? 🙂

QUESTION: What if I don’t have a scarf @time of prayer?

Please understand that you are not to be bound, but free. If you don’t have a scarf, you can still pray, God sees all things. In a case like this, you are not willfully in disobedience, so be free to approach God anytime and anywhere.

QUESTION: But in the old days, the men covered their head, God asked the priest to not uncover their head (Leviticus 20:10); and even David (a man after God’s heart prayed with his head covered), so I don’t think Paul was referring to a physical covering? (2 Samuel 15:30)

We know that, Covering of the head, generally, is a sign of mourning, something we do to mourn (Jeremiah 14:2) even in shame; and this clearly explains that a man covering his head is shameful or dishonor to the head, which is Christ.  Besides, in old days, the men did not cover their head. They covered the back of their head, not the top. The priests wore turbans, the root word of a mitri (the word) explains something you wrap around your head or forehead…but not the top of the head (Exodus 29:1). Every part of your body has meanings, your forehead, the back of your head, likewise the top of your head.

Did you know?

The word used in Proverbs 31:10 is Ashta: [Chaldee], which means both “the woman” and “fire”.


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