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ConsummateWoman (CW) is an “attitude” of the mind, even the SOUL. An attitude that also takes into account the “value” of “woman”. We Educate, Inspire, Empower women on all sides, so as to fulfill destiny just the way God intended it. We harness the beauty on your inside!! Shifting focus from outward adornment & frivolity to: BEAUTY OF THE INWARD MAN. This consummatewoman.com website is a platform built to help connect women of God across the globe, to encourage Godly interaction, discussions, partnership & collaborations; to help women reach their God given goals and assignments. Find out more.


Posts we accept target an aspect of Woman, her Strengths & Biblical Spirituality and offer fresh insight to our readers. Writers should focus or expound on topics that help women build, grow, and advance in Christ.

  • Spiritual
  • Submissive
  • Godly
  • Complete
  • Virtuous
  • Bold
  • Beautiful

Need Ideas? Start with this:

  • The strength of a woman
  • Who is A Woman?
  • What is the Place of a woman?
  • How Can A Woman Know her place?

Make sure to include each topic in the appropriate category(s)

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